I'm so glad you're here

My name (as you've probably already found out) is Caroline. Full name: Leslie Caroline, but you can call me Caroline, Carol, LC, or Line (when you go by your middle name, it's all up for grabs!) 


I'm an Atlanta-based actor, voice-over artist, and creative as well as a graduate of Brenau University with a B.F.A. in Acting from The Gainesville Theatre Alliance and a minor in Mass Communications. 

From very early on, I grew my love of performing, acting, and all things creative. After my breakout role as "Mrs. Barbie-Q" in my elementary school's production of the Three Piggy Opera, my life changed. It was then when I 'caught the bug' and never looked back. 

Being a creative person desiring to work in a creative field in whatever capacity I can, there are some things I strive for in the work in which I choose to engage. More than anything is to evoke empathy, understanding, and hope in the lives of others. Those  involved in this profession understand that a good portion of our success is found in our ability to empathize and collaborate joyfully with others. I like to ditch the competitive, sometimes toxic environments found in the arts and cultivate spaces that ignite personal growth in others and myself while fostering the community around me to be rooted in selflessness, open-mindedness, and felicity!

When not performing or working on creative projects you can find me reading or planning my dream trip to Ireland.

If you made it through all of that somewhat superfluous and expository information, wonderful! If not, fantastic! Either way, I'm just glad you're here. 

Wishing you all the best, 


(Carol/LC/Line/Leslie Caroline) ;)

Soli Deo Gloria! 

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